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Retirement is different for everyone and depending on several factors, it can have several stages. Valerie assists individuals and couples who are relocating and transitioning from one home to another for some of the following reasons:

For example:

  • Relocating out of the area/state/country

  • Downsizing (selling & purchasing concurrently) 

  • Relocating with family/friend(s)

  • Transitioning to an assisted living facility 

  • Locating to senior housing communities 

  • Consolidating homes/rentals


The process of a divorce or separation affects each spouse and family differently. Valerie works equally with both parties to ensure a smooth and successful transition for their families. She has assisted couples in some of following situations:

For example:

  • Financial difficulties (such as bankruptcy, foreclosure)

  • Short sales with/without trustee sale dates; our sub-specialty

  • Dissolution of any/all properties

  • Purchase of another home (concurrently) for each spouse


Learn who we are, first. Then choose the experience you want on your side.


We are highly skilled and sophisticated professionals with experience working in challenging and highly complex transactions, both emotionally and transactionally. Buyers and sellers benefit greatly from our experience and network of highly skilled professionals, but we encourage you to learn who we are, what we know, and how we can help so you can decide if we are the ideal fit. 

Commission Assistance Program for Qualified Seller(s)

For individuals and families that plan to sell a home due to Retirement, Divorce, Loss of a Loved One, or a Financial Hardship, Golden Stars Realty (GSR) will provide Seller(s) a credit at the close of escrow for their home.


Upon execution of a listing agreement between GSR & Seller(s), listing terms shall include: credit of 15% from listing commission to be provided when GSR represents Seller(s) only, credit of 20% from total commission to be provided when GSR represents both seller(s) & buyer(s) in the same transaction. Benefit is offered to the Seller(s) / Owner(s) / Trust name on title per the County Tax Assessor’s Office, at the close of escrow for their home in the form of a credit. Credit cannot be given when a property is sold through a short sale. Contact Valerie for more information.


The loss of a loved one is an incredibly difficult and challenging time for families. Valerie not only understands the level of complexity and the challenges families can endure during these grieving moments, but comprehends the need to reach and ensure optimal results. Valerie has helped families in some of the following circumstances:

For example:

  • A Love(d) One with a revocable/irrevocable living trust

  • Probate sale (sale of a home without a living trust)

  • Assist Widow/Widower move in or near family




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