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Valerie Valenzuela I  Broker / Owner

Selling or purchasing real estate is a personal decision and when it comes to your family and home, only you know when it’s the best time to buy or sell. My approach revolves around working with others who find value in what I have to offer. I do not ask for business or referrals; I listen, provide guidance, and focus my efforts in offering my expertise to those who ask for help.

              Over 17 years of experience

              Background in banking and experience working as a Foreclosure Specialist

              Double major in Finance and Real Estate with emphasis in real estate law, marketing, and property valuations

              Parents and family with over 45 years of experience working in real estate



The level of service I expect for myself is what I provide others --- direct, honest, and pressure-free. My work is dedicated to giving others objective information, being transparent, and providing realistic expectations. I tailor my approach based on my clients needs and stand by them until the job gets done, even well beyond the sale. It is important for others to know that I'm a professional who:

  •   Excels and never quits when faced with challenges                                                             

  •   Refrains from wasting others time                                                                                            

  •   Is aggressive and firm, but polite                                                                                               

  •   Provides facts over opinions                                                    

  •   Works by the book    

  •   Never forces a sale or client relationship                                                                      

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